Are black diamonds for real?

Many people are unaware of the fantastically vibrant colors that diamonds are available in. Unlike common colorless stones, they can also be found in red, purple, pink, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, champagne, gray, fancy white, and black. Natural black diamonds differ slightly from most other diamonds in that they are completely opaque. These stones are incredibly precious, absolutely beautiful, and are considered to be of great value. However, even with all the hype about black diamonds, these stones are more affordable than most other natural fancy diamonds.

Which celebrity wears black diamonds on the red carpet?

Gwenith Paltrow is known for wearing a black diamond bracelet with a chain at the 2011 Emmy Awards, and Angelina gave her husband Brad Pitt a pair of snake cufflinks with black diamonds.

Are there any famous black diamonds?

The most famous black diamond of all time is Black Orlov, a 67.50 carat round diamond brooch surrounded by 108 white diamonds and suspended from a 124 diamond necklace. Legend has it that Black Orlov, also known as the “Eye of Brahma”, was a 195 carat rough black diamond recovered from the eye of the sacred Hindu god Brahma from a temple in South India. Other famous black diamonds include the Gruosi diamond, the Table of Islam, Korloff Noir, the Black Star of Africa and the Spirit de Grisogono diamond.
• An old diamond Mogu with a 312.24 carat black Spirit de Grisogono cut – the largest black diamond in the world. It was mined in the Central African Republic, but the fate of the diamond is not known.
• Gruosi’s 115.34 carat heart-shaped black diamond was discovered in India in 1998 and cut by the world renowned black diamond cutter De Grisogono.
• The “Table of Islam” is a fancy black diamond with a square emerald cut weighing 160.18 carats. Little is known about this diamond at the moment.
• Black Star of Africa – An impressive 202 carat fancy black diamond. This black diamond was last seen in Tokyo in 1971.
• The 88-carat Korloff Noir diamond is now held by Korloff jewelers in France and is believed to bring good luck to the owner.

Are black diamonds a good investment?

Generally, pink, red and blue diamonds are considered to be the main diamond colors for investment. An investment diamond is one that will increase significantly in value over time as their supply decreases and demand continues to grow. A black diamond will only be considered an investment if it is large enough or has a distinctive feature or factor that will make it marketable.

How do I care for my black diamond?

Take care of your black diamond as you would any diamond. The best way to clean your diamond is to have a professional jeweler clean the jewelry to remove all dirt and grime. However, if you are cleaning your diamond at home, the best way to clean it is with a toothbrush-like brush and dish-like soap. Clean the jewelry thoroughly with soap and rinse under warm water. Dry and buff with a polishing cloth for best results.

Do black diamonds look good in jewelry?

Black diamonds look great in jewelry and are considered striking adornments for men and women, from cufflinks to wedding rings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion or something you just bought because a diamond is a beautiful gesture of eternity, heritage and love.

Rings with black diamonds

Black diamond rings are becoming more and more popular not only because of their lower price, but also because of their unique opaque color and great brilliance.They are also a great alternative for those less traditional brides looking for something a little more extravagant.

Earrings with black diamonds

Black diamonds look incredible, especially when paired with bright white diamonds. The color contrast is not only attractive but also elegant and stylish.

“Black” diamond necklace

Black diamond pendants may be less common than other colors, but should not. When paired with white diamonds and / or other colored gemstones, a black diamond necklace is the perfect accessory for almost any occasion.

“Black” diamond bracelet

Black diamond bracelets are increasingly seen in both celebrities on the red carpet and beyond.

Can I wear a black diamond as a wedding ring?

You can surely wear a black diamond in your wedding ring! The concept of colorless diamond engagement rings was popularized by the De Beers diamond corporation in the 1940s. However, prior to this and in the decades that followed, many brides chose from a variety of center stones for their engagement ring, including gemstones and colored diamonds, and colored center stones. What has always been the case is that the bride chooses the engagement ring that best suits her personal style and taste. It is important to remember that you must love your ring as you will wear it every day for the rest of your life and pass it on.

How to tell if a black diamond is real

The best way to determine if your black diamond is real is with a certified gemologist or laboratory like the GIA. Although, if you are sure that the diamond is real, but you are wondering if it is natural or improved (heat-treated), there is a way to check it at home. To do this, you need a magnifying glass and a strong light source. If the diamond has been enhanced, a strong stream of light will pass through it, and you will notice either a greenish, bluish tint, or highlights of green or blue when viewed from different angles. If the black is natural, you will see a “salt and pepper” effect inside it – alternating areas of black and white. There won’t be any hints of green or blue.

A good rule of thumb when buying a black diamond is that unless it comes with a certificate from a reputable laboratory, assume that the diamond has improved color rendering or is not a diamond at all.

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