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Can you tell the differences between Carat Weights?

What carat size should you choose? Would you be able to notice a difference between 2 diamonds that are 0.3 mm apart? When would you start noticing visual size differences between diamonds from various carat weight segments?

First things first, let’s address why asking these questions is important!

Since we are talking about an diamond ring that probably costs a lot of money, we can tell you that the primary reason is always related to cost. After all, who doesn’t want to make a purchasing decision that gets you the best value for money.

Diamond Prices Relationship With Carat Weight

Diamond prices move up at every 10 points (0.1 carat). For example, a 0.50 carat diamond would cost about 30% more than a 0.40 carat diamond with similar specifications. Yet, the real difference in size between these 2 stones is roughly 0.4mm. And if you pick up a ruler and look at the subdivisions, a 0.4mm difference might not be that big of a size difference.

Carat Size
Carat Sizes

So can you tell the difference?

Oddly, people tend to notice the 0.4mm difference when comparing objects of smaller sizes. When comparing bigger objects, our brains seem to perceive the same difference as insignificant.

Let us show you some examples to illustrate this…

4.8mm vs 5.2mm

Do you see the difference of 0.4mm between the 2 circles above? Well, most people do notice this subtle difference when they compare a 0.40 carat diamond against a 0.50 carat diamond.

7.4mm vs 7.8mm

In contrast, the same physical difference of 0.4mm between a 1.50 carat diamond and 1.75 carat diamond isn’t obviously detected because of the way our brain works.

More examples…

6.2mm vs 6.5mm

Also, what happens if you place the diamonds further away from each other?

Do you realize it is harder to notice size difference now? In real life, most people casually observe diamonds from a distance and it isn’t easy for them to pick up minute differences.

Now, for people who intend to buy diamonds within the 0.50 – 0.75 carat ranges, we performed another comparison to help you visualize how they would look like in reality. If you refer to the image below, I think it is pretty clear that you would notice an obvious size difference.

5.2 mm – 5.8mm

So, what do you think?

Perception is more of a subjective matter than an objective one. Some people see differences in sizes easily and some don’t. It is the same with diamond color where some individuals can see clear differences between F and G color diamonds whereas the majority of us don’t.

We know of people who are psychologically affected by the size of the diamond in their minds. Even if they are wearing a 0.92 carat diamond, in their mind, it is never good enough unless it is a 1 carat diamond.

At the end of the day, go for a carat size that’s “mind-clean” and affordable to your wallet. After all, diamonds are purchases which are meant to be enjoyed instead of being something that constantly frets you at the back of your mind.

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