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loose diamonds

Why you should buy Loose Diamonds?

Buying a loose diamond can be a great idea for a lot of reasons.

  • Diamonds are one of a kind and can be sold quickly. Therefore, if you like a diamond, purchase it sooner rather than later. Once sold, it is possible to find something similar but not necessarily exactly the same.
  • Loose diamonds may also be more reasonably priced than a preset jewelry item. There is more transparency as to the quality, and grade of the diamond and therefore, a greater need for sellers to price their diamond competitively. This enables you to get the best diamond price possible.
  • Additionally, once diamonds are set in jewelry, it can be hard to gauge their quality. When looking at diamonds that are unset, it can be easier to see their color, cut and clarity.
  • Finally, purchasing a loose diamond provides you with flexibility. If you do not know exactly which type of jewelry you may want to set the diamond in, you can save it for a later date so you can get it just right. Overall, there are many benefits to purchasing loose diamonds.

Where to Buy a Loose Diamond?

Aside from the fact that we can provide you with the best value, the answer is simple. At Kanjimull, you foster a relationship with our loose diamond experts, along with the actual ring designers. Once we help you find a diamond that meets your expectations, we will find you a ring designthat compliments the stone in a way that you will adore. We will make sure that the quality of the ring lives up to the value of the stone you have chosen.

Our team of designers and loose diamond consultants are committed to providing you with total satisfaction, from the selection of a stone to the creation of your ring. Since we have been a trusted leader in service since 1870, you’re assured peace of mind, knowing that Kanjimull & Sons Jewellers are always there to take care of your diamond needs.

Buying Loose Diamonds: Getting Started

So let’s get started. The best way to buy loose diamonds from us is to contact one of our consultants. There is no substitute for talking directly to an expert. Our experienced staff will help you to navigate the details of each stone, in person. With the help of a diamond specialist, the search for loose diamonds can be made easy.

Let our team help you to understand the quality of diamonds. Choose from any ring settings in our extensive collection, or let us customize one to suit your taste. Find out why tens of thousands of satisfied customers are wearing fine diamond jewelry created by our artisans. You can contact us about loose diamonds by e-mail, or speak to us directly at +91 9899099887 or +91 11 29561518 during regular business hours.

Round Diamonds

The most classic and popular choice for jewelry, round diamonds are commonly purchased to be set in solitaire pendants, for earrings or in an engagement ring. Round brilliant loose diamonds are popular as their 58 facets allow for light to reflect light out and create dazzling sparkle.

Round Diamond
Round Diamond

When selecting a loose round diamond, we recommend optimizing for cut as that is the characteristic that determines how much sparkle the diamond has. Apart from the popular brilliant cut, loose round diamonds can also be found in the old mine or european cut. These round diamonds have larger, more open facets. Some prefer the look of these diamonds, however they do not sparkle as intensely as brilliant cut diamonds. This style of diamond cutting is a bit older and was utilized more when diamonds were hand cut.

Princess Diamonds

These square cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond shape. Typically these are in the shape of a perfect square but can also be found in a slightly rectangular shape. These diamonds are often purchased loose to be set in engagement rings or as a matching pair for earrings.

The princess diamond also has 58 facets and sparkles are brilliantly as a round diamond. Other names for the princess diamond as a square modified brilliant or a rectangular modified brilliant. When purchasing a princess diamond, pay special attention to the length to width ration, especially if your desire a diamond that is a perfect square. When setting a princess diamond, ensure that you take into consideration the delicate corners of a square diamond and pick the appropriate type of setting.

Cushion Diamonds

Apart from princess and round, cushion diamonds are the next most popular shapes for diamond jewelry and especially engagement rings. Cushion diamonds are considered to be a beautiful blend of both the round and princess shape. The corners are rounded, but the diamond does have a squarish shape.

Like the round brilliant diamond, the cushion diamond also has 58 facets. The cushion cut is also known as a pillow cut diamond. When purchasing a cushion diamond be sure to consider both the cut as well as the length to width ratio. Focusing on the cut will ensure that the diamond looks symmetrical and is crafted to sparkle brilliantly. The length to width ratio is the best determinant of how square the diamond is. These are important considerations to make if purchasing the diamond for an engagement ring or any other jewelry.

Emerald Diamonds

An emerald diamond is a unique and striking diamond shape. It is cut in a step pattern, with symmetrical steps leading up to the table.

The diamond still has 58 facets with three rows of top steps and three rows of bottom steps. With an emerald shaped diamond color and clarity should be the most important consideration. This is because a lower color and clarity are more easily visible in the larger top facet of the diamond. Emerald shaped diamonds are typically purchased for engagement rings. Also keep the length to width ratio, if you are particular about the diamond being rectangular or square.

Loose Diamond Cuts

Diamonds have been cut in a variety of different styles over time. While diamonds were hand cut in the past, they are primarily machine cut nowadays. Loose diamonds can be found in three types of common cutting styles.

Brilliant Cuts

This is the most commonly found diamond cut on jewelry. In it, the diamond is cut to have more facets to allow for more reflection of light throughout the diamond. This enables any piece of jewelry to look dazzling from any angle. Brilliant cut diamonds are machine cut to ensure precision and symmetry among the many facets.

Brilliant Cuts
Brilliant Cuts

The most common shape for the brilliant cut is the round diamond. In brilliant cut diamonds, more of the rough must be cut away to craft the diamond. Therefore, a brilliant cut diamond can be more expensive than those that are cut in other ways. The brilliant cut diamond, however has the most popular appeal and therefore the most resale value.

Modified Brilliant Cut

The modified brilliant cut is also known as a fancy cut diamond. This means that the cutting style is the same as in a round diamond, however the shape of the diamond can vary. Common modified brilliant shapes are heart, oval, marquise, oval and pear.

Modified Brilliant Cut
Modified Brilliant Cut

With these types of shapes, not as much rough must be wasted as in the round brilliant, therefore they can be less expensive than brilliant rounds. However, it is important to consider diamonds with excellent or very good cut grades as the cutting style can determine the amount of sparkle in the diamond. Also consider that fancy shapes like princess and heart can be more delicate due to their pointed corners.

Step Cuts

Step cut diamonds are less popular but are unique in their look. They have facets that run parallel to each other and the edge of the stone. The facets are cleanly cut and precise, and the attention is drawn to the large facet at the topmost point of the diamond.

Step Cuts
Step Cuts

This elegant and unique type of cut has scintillation and shine. The most famous type of step cut is an emerald shaped diamond. Step cut diamonds maximize most of the original diamond weight and carat size. Therefore, it can be more cost-effective to purchase a step cut diamond.

Old World Cuts

Old world cuts are those which were crafted by hand for older diamonds. These loose diamonds are also known as European cut, Rose cut, and the Old Miner cut. Before the round brilliant cutting method was perfected and machines came into the forefront, this was the primary style of diamond cutting.

Old World Cuts
Old World Cuts

Antique jewelry pieces, or those crafted before the 1900’s were crafted with this cutting style. These diamonds have larger more open facets, and are not always optimized for symmetry. Because of their large facets, they do not sparkle as much as the brilliant cut diamonds. Some prefer the intense sparkle of the brilliant cut, while others prefer the softer sparkle of the old cut diamond.

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