How to look after your diamond-pearl jewellery?

The trend of wearing pearls and diamonds is catching up pretty quick since the last few seasons. Its no longer considered , old fashioned or notoriously elite anymore, but rather hip and empowering to sport pearls and diamonds among the old and the young alike.

Now, like with any other kind of jewellery, pearls and diamonds too require special type of care. In the absence of which can lead to the dulling of the jewellery’s lusture, or the outer layer of pearl to flake off or crack. So here are a few useful tips to preserve a pearl’s beauty:

  • Keep pearl-diamond jewellery in a box or a velvet pouch. Make sure to keep it in unchanging temperature (neither too hot nor cold). Maintain low moisture levels as well as cleanliness in place where you store your pearl-diamond jewellery.
  • If storing in a bag, ensure that diamond-pearl jewellery pieces do not rub off each other. Similarly, even while wearing jewellery containing pearls ensure that it shouldn’t be hitting against other jewellery pieces or stones.
  • Deodrants etc have chemicals that can damage jewellery, if directly sprayed. As a practise always apply or spray deodrants and then wear any diamond-pearl jewellery.
  • Vinegar, found in some salad dressing can damage pearls specifically in your jewellery, so if you happen to spill any of it accidentally on or near your jewellery, be sure to promptly wash it off.
  • All pearl-diamond jewellery must be cleaned on regular basis without however the use of any cleaning liquids or harsh chemicals, even those claimed to be made especially for jewellery. Instead, wash your pearl-diamond jewellery with warm water, using a soft sponge. You could also use a very low concentrated soap.
  • In the event you spot any damage to the your pearl-diamond jewellery, do not panic. It can be returned to its former beauty, through polishing. Although its better to let a professional at Kanjimull take care of it rather than you attempting at a risk of even greater damage to the jewellery.

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