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Kanjimull and Sons : Experts on exquisite diamond earrings and rare gemstone jewellery

People do not come to Kanjimull and Sons for something ordinary. Even the simplest looking engagement ring, earrings or pendant showcased at Kanjimull often feature a sophisticated gold pattern under the central diamond, or even an ornate design around it or embellishment on the shank, some of which do not catch the eye at first glance.

Our brand’s designers and its founder believe that setting a gorgeous diamond in an ordinary mount does not allow one to display the full potential of jewellery design. So only select pieces go into production and we may alter their design as we make them – those additions can change the whole flavour of the jewellery. Hence, we are moving away from traditional jewellery forms in high jewellery, offering our clients completely exceptional new design solutions and gemstone cuts.

All really beautiful jewellery is about perfect contours and balance.

Inspired by our long standing family heritage, Kanjimull and Sons jewellers has launched a range of new collections that are designed for everyday as well as special life celebrations.

Kanjimull jewellery needs to be looked at from all angles – and often more than once – in order to appreciate its beauty, intricate design and unusual construction. Take for example the Earrings Of Amythst And Diamonds. At first glance, it seems quite simple: a pear-shaped amythst set in a frame of white gold and diamonds, however, the piece transforms when worn. Similarly, Earrings of Pearls and Diamonds supported by assorted diamond frame, holding the pearl at an angle, and making it appear to be floating. In the same line, Earrings of Blue Sapphire and Diamonds is a futuristic design, making them dramatic as well as multifunctional.

We suggest that you visit our online shop to admire even more and diverse line of jewellery available exclusively online.

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