emerald bangle

Make A Style Statement With Emerald and Diamond Bangles

Emerald-Diamond bangles are a beautiful adornment to style your everyday outfit. The rich, saturated greens set in gold or diamonds is certain to promptly get attention and attract compliments. With emerald being one of the rarest gemstones on earth, you’ll feel like royalty wearing an emerald-diamond bangles made for luxury and designed to last.

The Legend of Emerald

Emeralds have been linked with gods and royalty since 2000 B.C., when they were first discovered in Egypt. Queen Cleopatra was known to feature an extensive collection of emerald jewelry which pretty much established this gemstone as the jewel of royalty. Additionally, Emerald has also been associated as the gemstone of Venus and a common gift for anniversaries. So when you pick emeralds for your next jewelry purchase, you will be bringing this legend among jewels of beauty and majesty into your life.

emerald bangle

Buying an Emerald-Diamond Bangle

Generally speaking , buying an Emerald is much less complicated than buying a Diamond. Diamond’s are treasured for their brilliance while emeralds are loved for their color. Emeralds look stunning in all types of jewelry. They can be in the centerstage in any jewellery. If you want to see more Emeralds in fine pieces of jewellery, you can look through our extensive collection. Contact us for an appointment.


The 4C’s of Emerald

We recommend you to learn about the importance of the 4 c’s when purchasing diamonds. Although, more or less same 4 c’s apply to emeralds, yet we allocate greater or lesser weight to each one, according to its particular significance when assessing emeralds.

Emerald Color

Without a doubt, color is by far the most meaningful of the 4 c’s with respect to Emeralds. What matters most when you see an emerald is undoubtedly its color — either a vibrant, passionate color or a dull, limp color. As explained in our article about fancy color diamonds, color is really broken up into three categories: hue, tone, and saturation.

Emerald Hue

Hue means the type of green color the emerald has, for example, yellowish green or bluish green. Most emeralds on the market today are Colombian, and most Colombian emeralds are bluish green.

Emerald Tone

The tone of the emerald categorizes it in terms of light and dark. Natural emeralds Most people mistakenly assume that they should choose emeralds of medium to very dark tone because they believe that the darker the tone, the better. But this is not necessarily true. Thats why its just as important to the look at saturation in Emerald.

Emerald Saturation

This is what gives the color its intensity and strength. Saturation can range from dull to pure vivid. So if, for example, a medium dark stone has a boring, dull saturation, while a light green emerald sparkles with vivid saturation.

Emerald Clarity

Even though you will find inclusions and fissures, you need to pay attention to what kind they are. Stay away from inclusions that look like bubbles, imperfections that look arranged in a specific order, and obviously big blotches.

Be sure that the stone’s inclusions are deep under the surface, otherwise they can create fractures when set or worn. This point is especially important because emeralds are not as strong as diamonds and will chip more easily.

Emerald Cut

As with diamonds, the cut of the emerald refers to its faceting, shape, width and depth. Ideally, an emerald should be cut symmetrically with uniform facets that allow for paramount color and brilliance. If cut too deeply, the light will escape on the side and the emerald will look dark.

If too shallow, the emerald will not appear brilliant since the light will be lost at the bottom of the stone. The rectangular or square step cut called “emerald cut” is thought to maximize the shape of the rough. This is the most common cut, and hence why the name “emerald cut” stuck, even when applied to other gemstones.

Besides emerald cuts, there are round and oval cuts, but these are both more expensive and rare since so much more rough must be wasted to cut them. After these, there are pear cuts and cabochons (think of the rounded convex shape of a gem in a brooch), and much less likely are princess, brilliants, trilliants, and other fancy cuts.

Emerald Carat

Carat weight plays a much larger role in the pricing of diamonds than it does with emeralds. With the latter, we are concerned with the color of the stone, then its clarity and cut, and only finally its carat weight.

Emerald experts agree that it’s better to buy a smaller emerald with excellent color quality than a larger one with poor color quality. And beware that there will be a big price jump once you hit 1 carat since it takes, on average, the removal of five tons of dirt to find a gem-quality emerald over 1 carat.

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  1. Both of these bangles are out of this world. They are really very beautiful and I would definitely like to add both of these bangles to my collection of jewellery. I have learnt a lot about bangles through this article. I will definitely share this article with my relatives as they are very fond of bangles. Thank you.

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