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Reinventing Rubies at Kanjimull and Sons

Historically speaking, all the Royals, the Tsars of Russia, the Maharajahs of India, and the royal families of Europe have loved Rubies. Its an established symbol of power and an object royal ornate jewel designs. This is not to say, the common folks don’t fancy it any less. Infact,responding to popular demand, there’s a fresh wave of everyday designs that are placing rubies on the necks and fingers of even commoners royal at heart. Here are a selection of diamond decorated ruby jewel designs at Kanjimull and Sons to celebrate this most royal of gems.

There’s something about Rubies…

There’s just something about rich saturated shades of ruby that seems to inspire artists and jewellery designers of past and present. Rubies have for hundreds of years been more associated with luxury, perhaps even more so than diamonds.

More recently though, perhaps it is the desire among all women (and men, of course) to feel like royalty in their own lives, even if it’s just for a moment. Take a look at the of pieces we have selected below from across the spectrum of high quality jewels, designer jewels and pieces that could comfortably be worn every day.

What defines them is an intensity of the red hue, whether it’s a brighter red with hints of pink or a deep burgundy shade that pairs well with white or yellow gold. we’re certain than within this selection you will discover at least one piece that will fulfill your regal fantasies around acquiring a ruby jewel.

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