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Where to buy Oval Cut Diamonds?

Bursting with brilliance and fire, an Oval Cut Diamond is exquisite and unique. The Oval is considered a “fancy” shape; the elongated design makes it appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight.

If you enjoy a rounded design, but want a stone with more character, an oval diamond makes a stunning choice. In addition, oval diamonds are almost always priced lower than round brilliants.

History of the Oval Cut Diamond

Oval shaped diamonds have been popular for centuries. The earliest oval diamonds date back to the 1300s, though they aren’t described by name in literature until the 1800s.

In 1957, a Russian diamond cutter named Lazare Kaplan perfected the oval cut process. His technique significantly improved the brilliance of the oval diamond. The process that Kaplan pioneered is what diamond cutters use to create oval cut stones today.

Oval Cut Diamond Settings

Oval cut diamonds are versatile, meaning they can look good in just about any setting.

The best settings for oval cut diamonds generally have four or six prongs, showcasing the shape of the diamond. Oval cut diamonds can also look fantastic in bezel settings. Some oval cut diamond engagement rings, particularly those with three or five stones, feature four or six prongs for the center diamond, plus a bezel setting to hold the side diamonds.

Oval Cut Diamond Cut Quality

Despite what anyone describes, there is no magic combination for table % or depth %. All Cut recommendations for Oval Diamonds should be regarded as widely general and usually subjective.

To offer a loose guideline for an excellently cut Oval Diamond, we provide our general parameters for Cut Quality below. Keep in mind that these parameters are general and should not be applied without looking at the diamond yourself and receiving an expert’s opinion.

Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Table %53-6352 or 64-6551 or 66-6850 or 69-70<50 or >70
Depth %58-6256-57.9 or 62.1-6653-55.9 or 66.1-7150-52.9 or 71.1-74<50 or >74
GirdleVery Thin – Slightly ThickVery Thin – Slightly ThickVery Thin – ThickVery Thin – Very ThickExtremely Thin – Extremely Thick
CuletNoneVery SmallSmallMedium>Medium
Length/Width Ratio1.35-1.501.30-1.34 or 1.51-1.551.25-1.29 or 1.56-1.601.20-1.24 or 1.61-1.65>1.20 or <1.65

Bowtie Effect in Oval Cut Diamonds

Due to their fancy, elongated shape, almost all Oval Cut Diamonds have a bowtie effect. The dark space stretching across a diamond’s center is considered the bowtie. The severity of a bowtie differs among diamonds: sometimes it’s easily noticeable, and other times it’s hardly visible.

An Oval Cut Diamond with a prominent bowtie will distract from the beauty of the stone. You’ll want to be certain not to choose an Oval Diamond with a dominant bowtie. We strongly suggest having a diamond expert review your stone before purchase.

In the examples below, notice the difference between a visible bowtie and a non-bowtie diamond.

bowtie oval diamond

Oval Cut Diamond – Clarity

The GIA grades Clarity from best to worst:

  • IF – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 – Very Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VVS2 – Very Very Small Inclusions 2
  • VS1 – Very Small Inclusions 1
  • VS2 – Very Small Inclusions 2
  • SI1 – Small Inclusions 1
  • SI2 – Small Inclusions 2
  • I1 – Inclusions 1
  • I2 – Inclusions 2

Due to the shape, inclusions and blemishes are well hidden with Oval Diamonds. Near the rounded end or where the jewelry setting will lay, it is almost impossible to see imperfections.

This is why we recommend an SI1 or an SI2 for excellent Clarity with the best value, like this beautiful H SI1 1 carat diamond. You can go higher in clarity, but the difference won’t be visible to the naked eye, so your budget is better spent in another area like Cut or Carat weight.

Oval Cut Diamond – Color

If you want to ensure you’re getting an Oval Diamond that appears clear to the naked eye and maintains an excellent price point, reach out to our experts and we’ll be happy to help.

Oval Diamond Color

The curved shape of the Oval Cut Diamond is perfect for those with an active lifestyle because it doesn’t contain any pointed edges. The fancy Oval Diamond also showcases a distinct personality with a high level of brilliance and fire. Consider an Oval Cut Diamond for those who want an elegant look with unique flair and excellent durability.

If you’re looking to purchase an Oval Cut Diamond and would like assistance in evaluating it before purchase, contact one of our diamond experts today.

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