Would you buy a diamond in store or online?

In the post COVID world, people have become more cozy with the idea of the convenience and advantages of indulging in online shopping for literally everything. This trend picked up pretty strong during the pandemic. So much so that infact, during the pandemic, many brands had no choice but to pull up their e-commerce shops, and improve their online purchase experiences and customer journey.

But as the vaccines got rolled out and the world slowly opened up again, it became clear that – people still prefer face-to-face human interactions and in-store retail experiences.

What does all this means for diamond retail?

1. The Diamond Retail is by nature prefers a human touch!

Buying a diamond or jewelry piece is an emotional experience for many, usually in tandem to some of their life’s most important events, moments,milestones and celebrations. Additionally, jewellery is a luxury item, and often a substantial financial investment for the customer, entailing huge sums of funds. So for these reasons, people prefer having an in-person connect with a jeweller or retailer than in case of any other purchase entailing products and services.

2. New Generation of diamond buyers are digital inclined

As an expected trend, the new generation of customers, particularly youngsters, who are buying diamond engagement rings and other milestone gifts are more tech-savvy than generations before. Particularly, this class of customers expect their purchase journey to be supported and be happening across all the social networks and sales channels, plus on multiple devices where they spend their time, including social media, apps, smartphones, and email. While the in-store experience can give them a royal like awe feeling, but its still not enough, just by itself with a digital extension to help inform or even make the purchase.

3. Diamond Presentation is Complex and Tough

Particularly for diamond based jewellery , being able to present tell the rich, complex, and alluring story of a jewellery piece is critical. An engaging, trustworthy interaction interaction with jeweller along with diamond specs clearly presented, ensures the buyer feels better positioned and confident to make a sale decision.

Kanjimull and Sons Diamond Jewellery – Blending Online with the Human Touch

Much before even the advent of the pandemic, we at Kanjimull foresaw that ‘digital’ will become a crucial component to factor in your decision of buying diamond jewellery. Explore our “exclusive range of diamond jewellery pieces” at our online shopping store. Enjoy this seamless experience just looking at or ordering beautiful diamond jewellery pieces to celebrate, yur most precious life moments.

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