"In 1870 my great grand father founded Kanjimull and Sons Jewellers. He believed that jewellery was more than a commodity. It was a relationship with your jeweller. Someone who knows your style and shares your passion. Someone who helps you never ever settle for ordinary. Because once in a lifetime happens only once."

Gaurav Khanna

Mr. Kanjimull Khanna

Mr. Kanjimull Khanna started the business of manufacturing and selling fine jewellery and artefacts in 1870. He set up a Store in Chandni Chowk and branded it Kanjimull & Sons Jewellers. Within a few years it became a name to reckon with in the elite circles of North India.

Mr.Purshottam Dass Khanna

Mr.Purshottam Dass Khanna took the baton from his father Mr. Kanjimull and opened the Store on Janpath , Cannaught Place , New Delhi. 

Mr. Rajesh and Gaurav Khanna

Mr. Rajesh Khanna , son of Mr.Purshottam Dass Khanna an MBA from Wharton School of Business carried on the legacy from late 1960’s till date. Mr.Gaurav Khanna son of Mr.Rajesh  Khanna set up the Store at the Square One Mall and carries on the legacy. 

Mr.Kanjimull sitting with jacques cartier 1912

With humble beginnings in 1870 , Mr. Kanjimull built a showroom in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk which was the main hub of activity in the early 1900’s. It was visited by many dignitaries and heads of state. Many of the letters of appreciation can be seen below. The fourth generation Mr.Gaurav Khanna carries on this rich  legacy. 

From Jacqueline Kennedy and Margaret Thatcher to the Royal families of India ,  Kanjimull & Sons Jewellers have been patronized by some of the most famous personalities etched in the history of the world.