Is the Jewellery machine made ?

At Kanjimull & Sons Jewellers we emphasise on quality. Our gold and diamond jewellery is not machine made and is hand crafted which is what gives the piece a graceful flow and its uniqueness. Our rigorous standards and decades of expertise ensure that every aspect of the jewellery is the finest in quality and workmanship.

Why do Kanjimull diamonds shine so bright ?

A Kanjimull & Sons Jewellers diamond has immense sparkle. Our expert teams of gemologists evaluate diamonds beyond the four C’s. Two diamonds can have the same four C characteristics, but if one has not been cut well, they will not sparkle equally. Our gemologists choose diamonds according to a more complex criteria , including a high level of connoisseur ship and visual standards for beauty and brilliance which cannot be translated into any gemological report.

Do I get a Certificate for the diamond / colour stone I purchase ?

Every diamond above 0.50 carats is accompanied by an original certificate from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI). Every high pedigree color gemstone is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity and/or Origin from a major laboratory in Switzerland , London or USA.

What is the quality of precious stones used in the jewels ? 

We have always used the finest precious stone sourced from all over the world. Basra Pearls, Rubies and Blue Sapphires from Burma, Ceylon and Thailand to Emeralds from Columbia and Zambia, stones from these parts of the world which are a rarity today, have and continue to be handled and traded by us.

Can I get my diamond, gold jewellery custom designed ?

We have an in-house design team and are happy to bring your dreams to life and customise your diamond, gold studed jewellery design with precious stones as per your need and requirement.


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