Diamond Studs : A Timeless Trend

Diamonds studs are the cornerstone of your jewelry collection! The perfect diamond stud earrings—that fit between modern and traditional, comfortable and notable, great quality and affordable is a lot to ask, especially when you’re dealing with less than a carat of diamonds. But, among the most wearable earrings you can own, diamond studs by virtue of their simplicity, look smart by day and stylish by night, add a little style with jeans and a sweater and lend understatement to a glittery dress. Their versatility and ease of wear makes them essential in any jewellery collection.

The Diamond Studs History

It all began in 1620, when the First Duke of Buckingham, a friend of King James I, turned up at a ball wearing diamond buttons. Some 200 years later, the diamond button was refashioned into diamond cluster earrings. But it took inspiring Queen Victoria, the jewelry fashion icon of her day, start a real trend for diamond studs when, around 1870, she had a couple of her own loose diamonds turned into large diamond studs.

This was the turning point. Ladies and Socialites took note and sought out diamond studs for themselves as it became a symbol of taste and wealth amongst the upper classes of the 1940s and 1950s.

A long way of those times of diamond owning exclusivity, none these days requires family ties or enormous riches to own diamond studs. Nowadays, everyone from royals to commoners and celebrities adore and acquire diamond studs.

Now, there’s a lot where these came from. Explore more of our diamond stud collection here.

Nowadays there is a huge range of diamond stud styles, and in affordable prices. The first thing to notice is the cut. The round brilliant cut is most popular as it gives off a lot of sparkle, despite a small size stone. The princess cut, with its square outline, is rather unconventional and has plenty of fire. Then there are emerald , pear and even Marquise cut diamond studs.

Another common fad is that diamond studs are only made with diamonds; partially true, as nowadays they also include sapphires, fancy sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Pearls coupled with diamonds, look more noticeable and also prettier.

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