How You Can Own A Solitaire With Lower Cost

Solitaire Diamond- There’s something stunning about them, with classic looks that has captivated women’s hearts for decades. Solitaire diamonds come in all cuts, sizes, and clarity. The cushion cut diamond is a popular style, but so too is the emerald cut. Now there’s a popular myth, that most of us can’t afford to spend on either, but who says that you have to spend an exorbitant amount of money to own a beautiful solitaire diamond?

For those of us who aren’t jewelers by trade, here’s a helpful checklist with tips and tricks for buying solitaire diamonds on a budget.

[1] Slight Inclusions aren’t such a bad thing

Diamonds with slight inclusions (SI1, S12, or SI3) can save you thousands, as opposed to buying a flawless diamond. These flaws are only visible with
magnification. Learn More about Diamond Inclusions.

[2] Even Less than a carat still means a lot

Quite simply, couples can save money on a ring by opting for diamonds that are smaller than 1-carat. Diamond prices skyrocket at every whole carat, meaning that a 1.8-carat diamond can be much cheaper than a 2. Learn more about Diamond Carat Weight

[3] Clear Vs Slightly Colored

Near-colorless diamonds graded G-J aren’t all that different from their cousins in the D-F (colorless) category to the naked eye but the price tag for them will be less likely to empty your wallet. Learn more about Diamond Color

[4] Choosing Metal Setting Type and Quality

When choosing metal setting , please note that white gold and palladium are cheaper. Also, 14karat Gold is nearly as good looking as 18karats in quality. As for white gold, the lesser the pure gold content, the whiter the metal will look, the more durable it will be, and the more affordable.

[5] Buy Loose Solitaire Diamonds

Buy a loose diamond separately from a ring setting. These are sold at lower rates, making it easier to compare diamond prices. Buying a diamond separately can be more affordable. Learn more about [Buying Loose Diamonds] (https://kanjimull.com/diamond/why-you-should-buy-loose-diamonds)

[6] Cluster Diamonds Vs Single Large Piece

Consider multiple diamonds arranged in a setting giving off more brilliance and size appearance than a single large stone. Plus! smaller diamonds are actually cheaper than a large diamond.


This setting can make the diamonds that are set in them appear larger and you end up saving money.


Halo settings add accent to surrounding diamonds giving off bigger size appearance

Thin Band

Applying a thin band setting will make the center diamond appear larger


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